Late praise

After many years i found, by coincidence, two short reviews of my American book Brand Dynamics from 1998 on the web:
"A nice approach in a conservative field
It's my opinon that more authors should find inspiration in knowledge sources outside their own field (in this case of marketing, and branding). I love the way Mr. Linn combines thoughts from biology and evolution theories with branding. By his contribution a deeper level of understanding might be reached!"
"Excellent interpretation
It is not often an author allows himselt that in such a brief and vigorous way explain an issue or concept.
I have been searching information about brand management and consider that Brand Dynamics has given me an additional approach and angle in this topic.
I consider that Mr Linn in an excellent way makes this topic clear and let me understand a new approach of buyer appreciated values. An understanding that is of great importance for every organisation that wants to be successful."

Nice to read, and to see that the reviewers even then reacted positively to the biologic angle of approach.