The Metaproduct turns 30!

This summer it is 30 years since I published the book on the Metaproduct. It was some five years before the big branding hype, and it is still a question if everybody have realized that the brand is only a part of the metaproduct. It created a world-wide interest in the business of intangible values. And built a great interest in my concept ending up with lectures in fifteen countries! What happened since? Have a look at the theory of Value Marketing, and you will see what became of the idea with three decades of development.


Value Marketing – a new trendy concept, again?

No. It is actually an attempt to formulate a theory on marketing based on marketing as it is – or should be. It is based on the strongest, most well defined traits of conventional marketing but disposes of the most incongruous, orthodoxly accepted ideas. It is all about thinking out of the box. Have a look for yourself!   

At last, a theory on marketing

Read my new theory on marketing, Value Marketing. I hope you will find the answers to some questions you had – or didn’t think of. Anyway, I think that marketing for a long time had the need for a theory. Not the least do practitioners need a rational theory with its connected models and tools. Have a look for yourself.