Relationsmarknadsföring – vem har rätt?

”Har du hört att Evert Gummesson klassar metaprodukten som en av sina 30 relationer i boken Relationsmarknadsföring?” – ”Nej, jag trodde ju att relationerna är en del av metaprodukten.” Ja, vem har rätt?


What defines Marketing – 2?

When sales are ailing, this means that the price exceeds the customers’ perceived value. The marketer then has the choice of two alternatives to achieve sufficient demand. Either increasing the (perceived) value by enhancing the offer, or reducing the price (which threatens to lower the value long term). These are the reasons for e.g. marketing communications and a sale respectively. Which one would be the most profitable – in the long run?

What defines Marketing – 1?

Marketing is closely related to selling products (goods and/or services) in quantity and at a distance. Meaning that mass communication is needed. And, in turn that trademarks are needed to make this communication effective. The conclusion must then be that marketing exclusively deals with branded products. Which means a lot to marketing theory.