The brand depends on who you are and what your function is.

Several actors are involved in the process of value development in branded products and brands. In the overall picture they are members of a limited number of interacting groups or populations. The general context is evolved in a clearly illustrated article based on the theories of Carl Eric Linn. Get a print-out and read it.


The value of price: the graphic models for analyses and discussion

When a trademark becomes a brand, its metavalue is limited to the population sufficiently aware of it to add to its value. This population, hypothetically, takes the shape of a Gauss distribution – the audience – from the most enthusiastic followers to the more indifferent ones. Definition: the target group is people you want to reach; the audience is people you actually reached. An interesting discussion would start here, on the relation price vs. value, not primarily price vs. demand. So far, I have found eleven cases illustrating different effects of marketing activities. One major issue here is, of course, the value of price. Read the article, get a print-out.


AMA definition of marketing discussed, an alternative presented

The current definition of marketing, as approved by the American Marketing Association, is discussed in an article by Carl Eric Linn. The main reason is that AMA has failed to observe the key role played by brands and branding in all marketing activities. A more stringent alternative, taking branding into account, is presented. Read the article, get a print-out.


Lena Linn: mentor i intervju

Tidningen Personal & Ledarskap har i sitt senaste nummer en temaartikel om mentorskap. Lena och en av hennes adepter får stort utrymme. Läs viktiga och tänkvärda tankar om kvalificerat mentorskap från både Lena, Florence Cardell på Yasuragi och chefredaktören för Visitas tidning Besöksliv. Läs artikeln!


Relationsmarknadsföring – vem har rätt?

”Har du hört att Evert Gummesson klassar metaprodukten som en av sina 30 relationer i boken Relationsmarknadsföring?” – ”Nej, jag trodde ju att relationerna är en del av metaprodukten.” Ja, vem har rätt?


What defines Marketing – 2?

When sales are ailing, this means that the price exceeds the customers’ perceived value. The marketer then has the choice of two alternatives to achieve sufficient demand. Either increasing the (perceived) value by enhancing the offer, or reducing the price (which threatens to lower the value long term). These are the reasons for e.g. marketing communications and a sale respectively. Which one would be the most profitable – in the long run?

What defines Marketing – 1?

Marketing is closely related to selling products (goods and/or services) in quantity and at a distance. Meaning that mass communication is needed. And, in turn that trademarks are needed to make this communication effective. The conclusion must then be that marketing exclusively deals with branded products. Which means a lot to marketing theory.